Salaries expenses under certain project cost

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How can I make salaries expenses (for some employees) under certain project cost?
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As per the standards, expense for the total Salary Paid is booked via single Journal Entry.

Dr. Salary Expense … XXXX
Cr. Bank/Cash account… XXXX

If you want to bifurcate salary expense based on Project, then you should do the following.

  1. Create Project
  2. Create New Journal Entry as below:

Dr. Salary Expense … XXXX …Project XYZ
Cr. Salary Expense … XXXX

Dr. Salary Expense … XXXX …Project ABC
Cr. Salary Expense … XXXX

On the same lines, you can also use Cost Center, and create separate Journal Entry to distribute Salary Expense into various Cost Centers.

Hope this helps.

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Dear umair
In this case I can not book salary using payroll process.
I have to sum amounts of salary slips related to certain project then book the total ammount using journal entry.
Please is this right?