Salary Calculation from Time Sheet - bug?

If I create a salary structure with the Salary Slip Based on Timesheet checked and I have a timesheet for the current period then click Preview Salary Slip then it appears that the timesheet is ignored. However, if I visit the timesheet and Make Salary Slip then the hourly rate is applied to the timesheeted hours.

I would expect the same results regardless of route.

Further I have an earnings line based on total_hours_worked and it appears this is not calculated until the salary slip is saved? ie it cannot be previewed in in either salary structure or timesheeting…

Are these bugs or am I missing some logic?

Right now Preview is just to make sure your formula and conditions are correct, since it was the new thing we introduced. You can raise enhancement request on github for the same though.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I was just trying to do what the feature is there for…test my logic but it just happens that the logic involves timesheet data.

I will raise an enhancement request.