Salary Calculation

Dear Concern,
Our salary structure comprises of following things,

Base Salary = Basic (is 60% of Base) (cleared)
= Allowance (is 40% of Base) (cleared)
= Other Allowance (fix amount) (cleared)
= Overtime (which is =Basic/30/8*1.25) (cleared)

Sick Leave = Paid leave for & up to 15 Days per employment year (Clarification Required)

Annual Leave = 30 Days (2.5 days per month)only after completion of at-least One/more employment year, per year (carry forward is also available) (Clarification Required as the system is generating it on calendar year basis)

Leave Salary = 01 Basic Salary after completion of one employment year, per (employment) Year
= i.e. Basic Salary /365 * available leave days (Clarification Required)
= where=> available leave days = Annual Leave – Absenteeism

End of Service = 1) Basic Salary for Twenty one (21) days per employment year(s) for employees having up to Five Years of Services (Clarification Required)
= 2) Basic Salary for Thirty (30) days per employment year(s) for employees having more than Five Years of Services (Clarification Required)

Whereas, during working on ERP-Next it has been observed that the system is not subtracting Absenteeism while calculating monthly salary (Clarification Required)

Moreover, we would like to watch overtime hours reflecting in monthly attendance sheet for every employee, kindly suggest how it is possible in ERP-Next

Please note our system relies & monitor employment year for every individual & calculate their compensation respectively. We would really appreciate if you could provide a better solution for that

Hi ,
you need to make customization to make end of service reward .

hi ahmad
we are wondering about his exact problem, our accountant agreed to calculate manually each year and record the totals in the accrued account, i am wondering how should he do that as JVs are bank or cash

The payment is not made until the end of the service. Just make provision by debiting the staff defined benefit cost and credit the defined benefit provision account

I go with @Fred1 on this. This I assume is either KSA or UAE end of service benefit law. The auditors would recommend that you accrue it as an expense at the end of FY for all eligible staff under one JV. You can use DR Note entry for this.

You need to build an application to calculate cash payment on daily or monthly basis. The total on last day of FY can be taken for passing JV if you dont want to do manual calculation.