Salary component calculation is ignoring "Payment Days" when Timesheet record(s) are there

Salary slips time attendance data in of two types:

  1. Absent Present (Payment Days)
  2. Timesheet (Total Working Hours)

For salary structure based on timesheet (enabled):

  1. If ONLY “Absent Present” records are there then => ERPNext calculates salary components correctly based on “Payment Days” data
  2. But if BOTH “Absent Present” and “Timesheet” records are there then => ERPNext calculates salary components on timesheet (Total Working Hours) + Working Days (Full present). Payment Days (Absent) data is ignored.

Seems inconsistent. I am using ERPNext v13.
Am I missing something?

what is your requirement first.
do you want the system to take timesheet records to calculate or you need to get only the payment day and ignore timesheet data ?

We have full time employees for whom we calculate Salary based on Payment Days for regular full day work.
On occasions of extra work hours, we pay overtime to them.

So from Biomatrix we get 2 excel sheets: payment day and overtime (timesheet)
a) Payments Days for regular work accounting for on-time in-out.
b) overtime for Extra work hours accounting for over and above shift time if any.
Based on data from these two files, was expecting salary to be computed.

Possible Solution: Create Payroll Entry with Timesheets (