Salary Component to Account Mapping

I am testing the payroll processing using ERPNext 7.2.6. In this version each Salary Component requires an association with an account - seems a very good idea.

I have associated the Basic Salary with the Salary Expense account and Income tax and insurance deductions with different liability accounts. The liabilities I initially classed as payables but when the payroll was processed the JVs were rejected as no party type or party was provided for the liability accounts. There appears no clear way to set these and so temporarily I have set the accounts as cash and so avoided the need for party information.

Now the JV progresses to the point of posting to the salary expense account but fails with the message that there is no default company cost centre, when in fact there is. The system then crashes with a complex error report which I have sent to the support team.

I do not know if I have a problem of understanding or if this feature is still “green”?

Is there anyone that has used the salary component to account mapping feature under ErpNext 7.2 that could shed some light on what is going on?

Can you please raise a github issue along with error snapshots and the steps to replicate the issue which will make it easier to troubleshoot.

I have the same problem. When I do “Make bank entry” there is many problems:

  1. If you don’t have a default cost center for the company you get an error and the Journal Entry is not created.

  2. If you have a default cost center for the company the Journal Entry is created but every transaction is asociated with the default cost center regardless the default cost center of the account associated with every salary component.

I have to amend all Journal Entries manually to change cost centers.
So, for me the goal would be to have an option to assign a cost center in every salary component and in the payroll have this priority order:
1) Salary component cost center
2) Default cost center of account in salary component
2) Company default cost center

I 've already submited in github.