Salary components getting linked to default account

we are not able to submit the draft salary slips using salary processing tool, as it showing messages to link the salary components to default account.

We need to get rid of this linking as it affect our current accounting procedures.

For e.g. : Petrol - assume that we are paying petrol allowance to three employees for which each employee is having separate “Car running cost” account.

So it’s quite difficult to link these accounts to a general account.

Kindly give us your suggestions to solve this.

Workaround will be to create salary component for each employee “car running cost” account.

Is there any other way out to take off this option for linking to default accounts?

@sreekanth to remove the default account go to Setup → Customize Form → Enter Form Type: Salary Component → Click Account Field → Click Delete Icon. It may work.

Will it effect anything else?

No changes can be done on default settings.

@sreekanth, If you remove account it will not enter accounting entries for any Salary Components.

If you are using cloud setup then you have to enter default account. Here you can try one more thing. Enter “Car running cost” accounts for all the employees in Salary Component and put condition in Salary Structure. If it works you will be able to enter the accounting entries the way you want.

For local setup you can modify in server side code in and change the validation.