Salary Components showing blank after Salary slip generated for few employees

Hi Guys,

I am facing issue for few employees where i have assigned same salary structure for bunch of employees . How ever after generating salary slips some of the employees salary components are missing and their net and gross pay is shown as zero.

I am sharing screen shot for your kind reference.

Kindly look at the matter and suggest how to rectify the issue.

Dear Vijay,

There could be several reasons for this issue. I would suggest you verify the following configs for the employees whose salary slip has an issue like this.

  1. Check Salary structure assignment, whether you have not missed to put Base Salary of those employee
  2. Check the date of Joining and Attendance of employee for this period of salary slip.
  3. Verify formula of salary component, if you haven’t put some conditional formula which is preventing calculation of salary for some employees.

Thank for the help Issue resolved, There was some condition in salary component.