Salary Currency

Hello, is it possible to change the salary currency per employee? We have offices overseas and I would like to record their statements in the currency they get paid.
Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer. I am using the standard hosted version.

Hello Brian,

Thanks for the suggestion.

We are planning to include this feature in ERPNext version 5. If not in the first release of version 5, you can expect it in the later feature upgrades in the same version.

Thanks umair.
Any idea when version 5 will be released? I also need the multi-currency feature for Journal Entries which I believe is included in that version too?
Thanks again.

Version 5 release date is end of Jan or early Feb as of now…

Thanks again rmehta. May I ask one more question please?
I have multiple currency bank accounts. Is it possible to set a different currency for certain bank accounts from the master in either version 4 or 5? If not, is the best way to handle this to just manually calculate the exchange into USD (my master currency) before Journal Entry?
Thanks in advance.

Again this in our to-do list of version 5. Let’s see if we can develop the feature.

To stay tuned, follow Multi-currency per account · Issue #1002 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I very much need this feature! Hope it will be available soon.