Salary Expense not showing accurately

I am having a diffuctly in Salary Expense Allocation
here is an example

Employee Salary 25000
Employee has taken advance of 10, 000

I am using Process Payroll Function

Step 1 : Create Salary Slips … created

in the salary structure
Basic salary 25,000 deduction advance , 10,000
Net pay is 15, 0000

Step 2 : Submit Salary Slips … submitted (no transactions effect on chart of accounts)

Step 3: make bank Entry

Now in JV, Salary expense is showing 15000 (which is actually 25000)
kindly guide me how can i manage it ?

as per my knowledge, journal Entry should be

Salary Expense …25000 (DR)
Bank …15000(CR)
Advance Salary …10000 (CR)

The deduction is not linked with any expense account, there is no option available there

in my opinion
Earnings & Deductions should be able to be assigned to respective accounts
Like Basic salary …Salary Expense
Advance Salary / Loan Deductions …Respective Receivable Account
Interest on Loan …Other Income Account

Also Commission on Sales is not properly being allocated
sales commission to employe is not part of salary expense, its commission expense … even though its paid along with salary
in earnings type sales commission is added but during payment (STEP 3 IN PROCESS PAYROLL … BANK ENTRY)
its accumulated under Salary Expense Head


Which group Advance Salary account is located? On asset side?

Did you create Journal Entry when issued advance payment to Employee?

Advance Salary … 10000 (Dr.)
Bank … 10000 (Cr.)

With this entry, and salary expense’ entry, Advance Salary account will be nullified and transaction will be closed correctly.

For the suggestion on other account types, please create Github Issue for it.