Salary increment


If the employee got increment on his salary, how we can handle it?
Because it will be needed to know when the employee got the increment and if it was on his basic salary or as separated increment on the total salary.


Is Salary Slip not enough for tracking?

How can u know the increments from the salary slip?
You need to review all the salaries of the employee since he started the work in the company :slight_smile:

You could probably do a report for each employee that takes the start and end dates of the salary slip, plus their salary.
You’d get a table showing what their salary was during each slip period.

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This is a very good idea.
From the other side: If the employee got increment, what is the best way to log the increment?
Which of the following methods are the best way:

  1. Is it to increase its earning basic salary component (so if it was B * 0.8 then we have to make the formula to be B * (0.8 + 0.1) to declare that it is increased by 10%?
  2. Or to make the earning basic salary component B * 0.9 instead of B * 0.8?
  3. Or to add a new earning component called increment and to write it as B * 0.10? But in this case, it will not appear under the basic salary which is a separated component?
  4. Or to increase the Base salary and keep the earning basic salary component as it is (B * 0.8)?

Appreciate the kindly advise.