Salary isn't posted in General ledger

Hi, I’m trying to make payroll entry

Already imported my COA correctly, works fine with stock, sales, and buying.

Here are what I’ve done for payroll module:

  1. Linked a payable account in company settings
  2. created salary components (currently testing “Basic”) linked to an expense salary account
  3. created salary structure
  4. assigned it to an employee
  5. created payroll entry, then salary slip and submitted it.

When I review the COA and General ledger, I find no entry at all.

But in Payroll > Reports, I can see a result of the above.

It should registers the expense since the “Basic” Salary component is inked with salary expense account as other earnings components and deductions as well.

I appreciate your help.

I’m using ERPNext v13.29.1

Hi there,

Salary slips don’t write to the general ledger. You need to book them first, typically using a Payroll Entry.

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He already created Payroll Entry in step 5.

Can yoh check your P&L? is the Salary amount showing there ?

I already made a payroll entry, followed all of the steps.

Nothing is showing at all, GL = 0, nothing in P&L as well.

I suspected that’s because the employee I’m testing has expense approver, I removed it and repeated the process, still the same.

Is there something to do with the accounts?

Oh, sorry, I wasn’t very clear in my response. I meant to say that you have to book the payroll with a Journal Entry, which you typically create with the Payroll Entry doc. Was a Journal Entry created when you submitted the Payroll Entry?

There is no journal entry after submitting, I believe it should be done once it’s submitted like what’s happening with sale/purchase invoices.

If I would make the journal entries instead, it will be a headache, specially when having multiple salary components and 100+ employees :sweat_smile:.

When the Payroll Entry is submitted, an accrual Journal Entry aggregating all expenses together is supposed to be created automatically. You shouldn’t need to create it manually.

This is a bit different than how Sales/Purchase Invoices work, you are correct. The reason for the difference is that some companies don’t want salary information to appear directly in their books but rather do it in a separate account.

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Bingo! I don’t know what I did, but I can see them now when I did the latest try.
Housing ,transportation allowances and deductions are booked!
I’ll share the settings once I figure out what’s going on. To see what causes this issue.

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Hi all,

So here is my finding, before I start setting up payroll module, the expense accounts were set as “debit”, to solve the issue, I had to make it “none” not debit or credit. This is must be done before “linking” the accounts to the components.

After doing this, setting them again as “debit” will not raise the issue anymore.

I think it’s a bug, or I had to clear the cache before setting up.

I hope this thread helps.