Salary not deducted in Salary Slip where Salary Structure with "Salary Slip Based on Timesheet" checked

Salary Structure has earning components checked “Depends on Leave Without Pay”
Salary Structure has “Salary Slip Based on Timesheet” checked

The salary slip correctly shows the No of LWP days and the payment days and the earnings do get calculated when we look at it before ‘Save’ button is hit.

However on hitting Save/Submit the earnings revert back to the full amount and does not deduct the amount. The system calculates salary amount on total days only.

It seems to be a big that needs fixing, or one wouldn’t ba able to have a salary structure where employees are paid both regular salary and overtime/time sheet based.

For the taking the leave without pay in account please ensure that the it is enabled in the salary components.

Hope this helps.

XThis is already done… in spite of this the system behaves as described.

I’m on version 8


Yes I am facing a similar issue. please fix this for us at the earliest.

Kindly anyone look into it,its a major issue, give me an idea how to solve this I will try to solve and give a PR

This issue reported in Aug by me has been up there for a while… I wonder if no one else has this use-case which I believe to be a common one for most businesses(which is why the functionality seems to have been built in erpnext). But obviously there is a bug, or something that is happening to only a few. I wonder how’s thinsissue can be bubbled up to see some bug fixing done.

It appears this issue is still pending even in version 10 which is supposed to be a stable release!

Am I missing something here? Please advise

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