Salary Payable, Salary Posting and Salary Expenses

We create salaries structure and salaries slips according the manual and every thing looks good but after submitting the salaries slips and payroll payable when we proceed with bank entry it shows
Bank Account Credit
Payroll Payable Debit.
and payroll payable with full amount

this Entry shows that our Bank balance Decrease and Liability also reduce. this entry made when the salaries are transfers but at the end of the month we pass the entry of
Salaries Expense Debit
Salaries Payable Credit.
this entry not shown in regular procedure of Payroll entry. so my Question is
1- Should we create separate journal Entry for Salaries Expenses or any other way to solve this issue?
and the other this is when we Going to submit the Bank Entry it shows this issue

how can we solve this issue?
because this ask for Party Type and Party when we Show Employee as Party then its ask for the Employee but we debit the whole payroll payable jointly not for single employee.
So should we debit the Payroll payable for Every Employee Separately?

Have you assigned accounting ledger (salary exp) to your salary component? I guess if you assign expense codes to salary components your problem will be solved

Dear @ushashmi how do i do that? can you please explain? i didn’t find any place where i assign salary expenses to salary component.