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Some advise on salary slips.
Case Scenario:
Company “A” receives salary structures from external accountants for each employee.
Company “A” pays employees every month, this amount is fixed for each employee.
Although the salary is fixed for each employee, the basic is not the same for each employee.
e.g Employee 1: 10000(Basic) - 345(pay as you earn tax) - 90(unemployment fund) = 9565(total pay) per month.
e.g Employee 2: 25000(Basic) - 1234(pay as you earn tax) - 123(unemployment fund) = 23643(total pay) per month.
Tax slabs are not required in this case as the salaries do not fluctuate every month.
What would be the best method to create salary slips for this case ?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

You can create salary structure for each employee and assign to them. Hope that will solve the issue.

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Cool was thinking along those lines, thanks