Salary Register Date Range

If Language Portuguese and i select the Date Range … the default value for the date is not passed and also if i click and select the dates they are not passed …while the f.value.length has two records… while in EN language it works …
This is the code from report.min.js

get_values: function get_values(raise) {
	var filters = {};
	var mandatory_fields = [];
	$.each(this.filters || [], function (i, f) {
		var v = f.get_value();

The problem lies in desk.min.js on the Parse function
This because the value of the value Date is ‘30-06-2017 para 31-07-2017’ and the IF compare is for the TO word not the translated one …

parse: function parse(value) {
if (value && (value.indexOf(‘,’) !== -1 || value.indexOf(‘to’) !== -1)) {

Git Issue created Salary Register Date range in Portuguese · Issue #10199 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub