Salary slip based on timesheet - clicking save drops gross pay to 0

I am trying to make a salary slip based on timesheet and manually add overtime pay in the earnings table on the salary slip. The “gross pay” preview calculation was showing the correct number, but once you click “save”, then the gross/net pay shows 0.00.

I made a different salary structure of a basic salary, and that did calculate and even save correctly. But even with the basic salary, if I wanted to add some overtime payment to the employee earnings table on the salary slip, it would preview the correct calculation, but once you click save the gross pay/net pay fields go back to 0.

This appears to be a bug, as I’ve checked and double checked all of the employee, salary component, salary structure (making sure to set salary based on timesheet option), and salary assignment configurations.

I got lucky and figured out the issue on my own. I believe the fix was when making the salary structure for the employee “weekly”, then only choose the start date on the salary slip. Let it calculate the “end date”, and it works then. I was previously choosing “bimonthly”, and the dates I chose for the salary slip were likely invalid where they didn’t match up to the salary structure (even though I am using “Salary based on Timesheet”).

I still cannot add any overtime payment manually at the salary slip, it just drops those values off when you click save, but I think I will use the “additional salary” feature to handle overtime.

At least its functional this way!