Salary slip creation problem

When I am creating new salary slip then is showing

Mandatory fields required in Salary Slip
*** Working Days**
*** Payment Days**

In where I can find working days and payment days insert option.

and When I put start date then is showing
Please set a default Holiday List for Employee EMP/0001 or Company
But I have set default holidays

Set Hoilday List for employee either in employee form or in company form & Try again.

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I have created holidays before creating salary slip.
But till now problem.

Hi @arif,
Go to Employee form against which you want to create salary slip. & link above mentioned holiday list to that particular employee.
Or you can set the holiday list in Company form for which employee works.

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Hi @suyash,

Now is working. But another problem have during submit salary slip.
Then showing

Please setup default Email Account from Setup > Email > Email Account

How can I create default account.

In create email account page I don’t see default account option

Check below link.

Hi @suyash,

When I am creating new email account this is showing


Please create a git issue.