Salary Slip for one employee cannot able to see(as Admin also)

Generated Payroll entry for Month Jan & Feb department wise. Payroll entry got submitted , salary slip for one employee in this entries, Jan got generated,But Feb not generated.

While creating salary slip for this employee in Feb separately under this entry showing already created.
Other employees, salary slip got generated both in Jan and feb month without any issues.

What will be the cause?

It might be user permissions. Please check if there is a user permission for admin there

Jan & Feb Payroll are generated in the same day, Jan salary slip is there. Feb not there. Employee is listed in Payroll entry also
i checked the permissions,Neither Admini/ HR users cannot see
Jan month can be visible , but cannot salary slip of one employee

Was the “validate attendance” checkbox selected in payroll entry? if yes, check if the attendance was marked for the employee. Also, check once in deleted document list if the salary slip was deleted.
Let me know if this helps.

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Can you share screenshots of your issue? Also, what is the role assigned to you?


Actually my issue is for one employee salary slip not generating after doing payroll

I found the cause that Previous salary slip date was entered wrongly to next month date. Thats reason Salary slip was generated and cant’t able to see

Hi, I am having an issue generating salary slips for employees. I have already done the payroll but still an issue.

ok, i am able to find the issue and it was cause the salary slip date was wrong.