Salary Slip - Incorrect calculation by system


It is very common that employees join the organization in the middle of the month (in my case on 5th).

This employee who joined on 5th ought to get 25 days salary only and not full working 29 days. But when salary slip is created, it shows full month payment to the employee. The system should automatically reduce the components payment (as defined in salary structure) by calculating for 25 payment days.

Any help will be highly appreciated!

@saurabh Can you check again. I think it does consider Joining Date if you set it in Employee


It does calculate Payment Days correctly. Unfortunately, the salary paid shown is for full month and not for the days served in the month.

In my case, the employee joined on 5th so salary from 1st to 4th cannot be paid. The remuneration of Rs.X for the month is showing as Rs.X in the salary slip even when the salary slip shows total Working days as 29 and Payment days as 25.

Additionally, I cross checked if the system is allowing full salary by adjusting Leave Balance. But even after deleting the Casual Leaves from the leave allocation, the scenario doesn’t change.

No clue why it is going wrong.



I had missed to define all components of the Salary as “Depend on LWP”. Once I checked this item in the Salary Structure, the deduction happened automatically.


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