Salary slip PF calculation

I Need little help on salary structure formula calculation

15000 * .12 if (gross_pay-HRA) > 15000 else (B+CA+MA+EDU+OA) * .12

1)If employee salary is 25000 Rs
, If his (gross-HRA)>=15000 System Should take 1800 Pf Value
2)If He took leave for 20 Days his (Basic-HRA) value will go below 15000 So system should take [else (B+CA+MA+EDU+OA) * .12]

how i can achieve that??

Hello, you can add the mentioned conditions in the formula and conditions box of the salary structure document. Check the link for more information :


Try if this works (gross_pay-HRA)*0.12 if (gross_pay <= 15000) else 1800 if (gross_pay > 15000)


thanks for the reply,