Salary Slip Restriction for Reports To

Hi all! I have to apply user permission to Salary slip for reports to employee also. the user mention in reports to of employee should not be able to see his/her sub-ordinate salary slip. But can see other document like leave application etc
Any help in this regard will be apreciated thanks.


Go to User Permission and Delete the permission for employee for each user.

After that re-add the employee permission by applying to individual documents instead of Apply to All options currently in place.


Divyesh Mangroliya

Thanks for the reply but it still shows the Salary slips of Sub-ordinates.


Go to User Permission List > Open the person’s prole people are reporting to > check on the box “Hide Descendants” > Uncheck “Apply To All Document Types” > select Salary Slip from the drop-down menu.

And it will work fine

But this is causing Report to employee now can access leave application, employee doctype etc. of every employee in the company and restricting only in Salary Slip.

yeah but you have to apply user permission for every doctype then.

There should be some better way to do this. I think, User Roles and Permission is still not perfect enough to be implemented in larger companies. Imagine doing this for 100s and 1000s of employees.

I faced similar issue. i have to give access to other documents of Employees like Application , Compensatory Leave Request, Attendance etc but have to hide salary slips.

yes same issue, did you find the solution, i am stuck here