Salary slip rounding error?

Has anyone noticed a rounding error in erpnext hr salary slips? I seem to be off by a penny ($0.01) on a number of my salary slips every month.

For example I have a part time employee that worked 10.5 hours at a rate of $17.50/hr. Gross wages is $183.75. He has two deductions. Medicare tax which is gross_pay * .0145 = 2.664375 or just $2.66. Soc Sec which is gross_pay * .062 = 11.3925 or just $11.39. I think the issue is with the total deduction calculation

It should be $14.05, not $14.06 (e.g. 2.66 + 11.39 = 14.05). What is happening is erp is adding the full numbers for each deduction and not rounding each to two decimal places as shown in the table. it is adding 2.664375 + 11.3925 = 14.056875, which rounds to 14.06. Is there setting somewhere to fix this or is this a bug?

May I know what is the precision set for the Amount field? If it is 2, then it should not do rounding.

There is no precision entry on the amount field in the salary detail form. Is there another setting somewhere? Or should I put 2 in there?