Salary Slip Through a (Monthly) TimeSheet

Good Day Everyone.

I am Trying to make a TimeSheet for a month, instead of day by day.
What I am trying to do exactly is to make the time frame start from 1st of the month at 9:00 and then end it at the 30th or 31st of the month (The Last day of the month), at 18:00. Keep in mind that I intend to Time Log, so to speak, every day of the month within that time frame (From 9 a.m. To 6 p.m.).
I also wish to skip the Weekends, and the holidays too. P.S. I already made a holiday list and placed it for my employees, and still it isn’t working at all.
I am also facing a problem with the attendance tool, it’s not in sync with the payroll or the leave application for that matter.
The Payroll entirely depends on the TimeSheet, so it does not include The Holiday list, the after work hours, or any kind of leaves.

For Example:
I want to place a TimeSheet for this month. The correct calculation of the hours is 176 hours, this counts for 9 hours a day, does not include the weekends.
Unfortunately, that is not the calculation it gives me. The TimeSheet calculated the hours from the start of the first day till the end of the last day None Stop, which at the end gave me 705 hours.
This calculation is wrong and I wish for the calculation that I had in mind.

If anyone could help me with this problem that I am facing, I would be grateful.
Thank You

hi @Mhmd_Bosaqir,

your point is valid, and as far as i test this feature, i second your point and believe it’s a bug. you should report this to GIT HUB. developers will address this issue there quickly.


I already have.

And still no answer.

Hi @Mhmd_Bosaqir

May I adk you how do you do that config?.
I need to do something similar but I can’t get even a wrong calculation, I’m very new with ErpNext.

Thank you in advance.
Best Regards