Salary Slip User Permissions


I added a user permission/rule to Salary Slip: “If Salary Structure is permitted”.

However, users who don’t have permissions for the salary structure can still see the salary slips generated by it.


Uncheck if Company and salary Structure is permitted.

I want to limit the access to salary slips by company and by salary structure. Unchecking those 2 will enable all users to see the salary slips which is what I wanted to prevent in the first place.

If my understanding is correct by adding “If Salary Structure is permitted” as a rule, I’ll have to add the individual salary structure to the user’s permissions for the users to have access to the salary slip’s permissions. In this case, it doesn’t seem to be working since users with no access to the salary structure can still view and edit the salary slips.


@jedsumulong Check Role Permission on Document Type Salary Structure form Setup > Permissions > Role Permissions Manager. Might be other Roles assigned to the user have permission on Salary Structure


@prakash_hodage Thanks! Checked it out and it seems I did miss out something in the other roles. It’s now working as intended.