Salary slips and Salary account

Dear colleagues,
We face a problem.
In our accounts tree, we have an account “Salary”
Also, we’ve created salary structure and trying to implement salary slips to process payments for employees.
The problem is when we create a new salary slip and submit it there is no difference in the ledger for “salary account”. It means the accounting system does not see this operation.
Have anyone met this situation? Pls give an advise:pray:

I guess you need to link the GL account with your salary components

What is GL ?))

GL = General Ledger. have you linked the salary components with their accounts in Chart of Accounts?
Also if you need the amount to be posted in your “Salary” Account you have to create salary slip by using “Payroll Entry”.

Human Resources > Payroll > Payroll Entry > New Payroll Entry

If you create it as a single salary slip without going through to payroll entry, the amounts will not be posted to their accounts.

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Thank u, will try:pray:

Ok. In my system there are no such options:
but when I try to process payroll the system requires to set Default Payroll Payable Account in Company.
All salary components r set up for “Payroll Payable” account.
Where to find the “Default Payroll Payable Account in Company”?
All “help” and “find” shows only errors for such requests :disappointed_relieved:

There is option to select Payment Account in Payroll entry, You can select your salary account there. Also that ledger is only affected when you make JV for all the salary slips

i do it, then pressing “make bank entry” and system gives me that message “set Default Payroll Payable Account in Company”

What is your ERPNext and frappe version? you can version info in About

You need to have a “Payroll Payable” or similar account under liability in your chart of account.
And in order to set Default Payroll Payable Account, goto

Accounts > Company

then open your company from the list,
then under account settings there is a field where you can assign your default payroll payable account

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Installed Apps
ERPNext: v9.2.19

Frappe Framework: v9.2.20

Thanks. I’ve found this setting


when I try to find my “salary” or “payroll” accounts already existing- the system doesn’t see it.
Maybe I have to create an account with special root type or account type, or just update my current system version?)))

Yes, if it is not there you wall have to create it in your chart of accounts.
It should be in

Chart of Accounts > Liabilities > Current Liabilities > Accounts Payable > Add Child

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Cool, now we move forward, it seems a new challenge

I’m puzzled with this message

what party type should be for each account?)))

did you assign Account Type when creating Payroll Payable Account in Chart of accounts?
if so go back and edit it, leave it as blank

If you leave it blank, that error message will not appear

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Yes, now everything is works! Thank u :pray:

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