Salary Structure and Component

In Salary Structure we include the Salary Component.
There are 2 issues when making Salary Slip:

  1. A component with amount 0 is not displayed. Sometimes we need to display the component even if it is zero so employee know he still entitled to that component (just that it is zero).

  2. We can’t calculate a component without including it in the Structure. For example a fixed minimum wages. This minimum wage should not displayed as earning in the Salary Slip.
    But if there is a component (included in earning) that depends on this min-wage, it can’t be calculated (result in zero amount) thus is not displayed.

For issue 2, I think the formula in Component should take variable from the “master-list” which is the #List/Salary%20Component/List, not from the earning/deduction child table in the Structure doctype.
So we can create a component as amount-holder.

Im not sure of 1, but for 2 you should try setting up a component with Statistical Component checked. You can also use the Do Not Include in Total option

Checking Statistical Component doesn’t do anything.
The depending component still doesn’t take that statistical component into calculation. Hence resulting as zero.