Salary Structure Assignment Suggestion

I would like to propose a better approach to the salary structure assignment.

In the current version of Salary Structure Assignment, it’s not possible to assign amounts for the amount based components.

For example, if we have (Transportation Allowance) as an earning in the salary structure, but the amount is different for each employee.

The following images show an example of what I propose:

  • User can see the actual amounts of components even for formulas.
  • User can see the actual salary earnings and deductions total.
  • User can assign different amounts for each employee (for amount based components only).

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@Sayed_Hameed_Ebrahim I am agree with you.

We are currently working on the salary structures.
Since we are unable to manually input the housing and transportation for each employee alongside the basic salary that has really impacted the way we think for the salary structure.
We are currently working on making the salary structures based on job titles, which still creates a long list of salary structures.
If we can figure out a solution for passing the housing and transportation values from the salary structure assignment that would be a much better resolution.

Any update regarding this proposal.

I have already implement the proposed Salary Structure Assignment.

But it would be very helpful for other users if this was implemented in the core ERPNext module.

I am ready for any questions regarding this.


If you have implemented it why not send a pull request?

Has there been any progress on this. I would also like to assign various amounts to salary components during salary structure assignment

Had a similar problem a while back. Managed to implement a solution whereby you could add addition Salary components or component values on salary structure assignments themselves.

Only using it in V13 at the moment but we are working on a new v14 version. You are more than welcome to use it.