Salary Structure - Auto Insert all Components

Hi All, Just a suggestion - currently the Salary Structure will auto include all salary components. This might be quite tedious for some of our customers as different employees have different component for earning and deduction. By adding everything into both earning and deduction, will make users delete one row at a time.

I suggest either we auto add all but include a function to delete all rows with $0 upon save, or don’t pull data from salary component at all.

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@Justin_Lu What version are you using? In our version 7 release it has been changed. You can test on our beta site.

Hi @KanchanChauhan I am on this,

ERPNext: v7.0.33

Frappe Framework: v7.0.29

Strange, it does not do that, can you share screenshot.

i was trying the deduction and earning based on formula on beta site
but its not working i was trying to check my income tax based on formula and condition
i give on the condition
base < 685
base < 1500
base < 3000
base <5000
base < 7000
and on formula
(base * .05) - 100
(base * .1) - 200
(base * .15) - 400
(base * .2) - 500
(base * .25) - 600
here my assumption is the system will check my base and will come to the condition and for that condition it will make its calculation based on formula like if my salary is 3500 the condition will be < 5000 and the formula will be (base * .2) - 500 so the amount will be(5000 * .2)-500=500 then the income tax will be 500 but its not working ,can you give some description how i can check it?thanks in advance!

@fikerjayz You will have to write each condition and formula in separate row. Check now, I have made changes to your Salary Structure on beta.

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thanks for your replay
i have checked it on employee alberto sanches but the calculation is not right
if the base is equal to 3000(the system will check where the base will fall in the formula and)
the formula will be (3000* .15)-200=450-200=250 but now its showing 850.its is not correct,
please inform me if i made a mistake.

@fikerjayz In your case Base you have entered 5000 and Basic is 3000. You are doing calculations based on base. If you want to use Basic, you will have to use its abbreviation which is B instead of base. Please read the Condition and Formula help.

@KanchanChauhan thanks for your replay and answer.

@KanchanChauhan as you know income tax, pension and other deductions are mostly common for all active employees so inserting a formula for each employee will be time taking, so is there a possibility to make it common for all employees,when ever you create a new employee it must by default give deductions and earnings in his/her salary structure…thanks!

You can add as many as employees you want in Employee table.

@KanchanChauhan thanks for the great works you have done so far on this payroll issue but i have 2 basic questions
1, there must be auto insertion of earning types and deduction types including there formula,if i have 1000 active employees on my employee master i dont have to insert formulas for 1000 employess 1 by 1,rather there must be a feature like thick unthick for adding because most earnings and deductions are common and the same based on the government rule example OT earnings are shared by all employees and income tax and pension are common for all employees so we dont have to write formula again and again for each employee so there must be a way to share it for all active employees if i write ones or what you can make is we can write the formula on the salary components creation then on salary structure we will thick if we need and left it if we dont want.
2, there must be a way to identify earning tpe components are taxable or no taxable bacause some earnings like Over Time ,position allowance and others are taxable earnings they will be added to the basic salary and income tax will be calculated from them sum(total) and some kind of earnings like transport mobile allowance are not taxable…so there must be a way to identify earnings are taxable or non taxable.
thanks hopefully my comment will be usefull for a better payroll management system.

1.You can add multiple employees to the same Salary Structure, you do not have to write formula for each employee.
2. I am not sure if I completely understand this but if mobile allowance is not taxable just it add to earnings. For others, add them to earnings and write a condition and formula in deductions to calculate Income Tax.

thanks for your replays and i was thinking the same thing with @Sachine_P1
for the first question pplease send me the documentation how can i make one formula for other employees without writing for them
and for the question as i can understand you are saying we have to write a formula that will show the sum of total taxable earnings and then we will make the formula for income tax from this total or sum componet…its possible but
it will be better if we provide one feature for selecting earnings are taxable and non taxable the if we select taxable the system will automatically add it to the base(if we calculate the income tax from base) and so on…on other payroll management softwares its like that.thanks in advance for your replays and attach me the documentation to use on formula for employees thanks.

@KanchanChauhan as you have recommended i have tried to use the same salary structure for d/t peoples but what i faced is that in the same month one employee can have Over time and the other one may not have OT then how can we manage this kind of things? also for deduction in some companies employees take Loan to be deducted from their salary so there will be a deduction for some peoples who takes loan and so how can we identify those kind of things if we use the same salary structure for d/t people?

@KanchanChauhan any progress or answer on this issue?
thanks in advance!

As of not there is no automatic way to manage loans and advances, you would have to handle these through JV. You can find the set up in the help manual.

About over time, if you are paying your employees for over time there is no automatic way you would have to customize. Payroll manager can however adjust the salary accordingly.

If there are any enhancements related to above features they would come in as updates to the application if hosted on cloud.

Hope this answers your queries

@Pawan thanks for your replies,hopefully you will include our comments in the update versions in the when shall we expect this module to be released for self hosted users if possible?thanks.

You can even try using Timesheet for overtime.