Salary structure base amount not shown when i create salary slip


I am trying to make salary structure without component. and I assign the structure to an employee and here i put the base amount .

But when i create the salary slip the amount is 0 .

Any help with this issue …
thanks a lot.

Salary components are a must. You will not be able to process salary without them.

For your situation you will most likely want to use the Basic component and set the amount as a formula with the formula being base then add Basic component to your earnings in the Salary Structure.

This will pull the employee’s Base salary from Salary Structure Assignment into the Basic component during Salary Slip creation.

Thank you @dj12djdjs but i have a question how i can use the base field in the salary structure or what is used for ?

I don’t think there is a base field in Salary Structure. I didn’t see one in my instance.

excuse me i mean in salary structure assignment

I think it is the employee’s base salary. I’m not 100% sure because I’ve only used salary module based on timesheets. I would recommend checking out these: ERPNext Payroll

It is less then 1 hour if I rememeber correctly and it should give you some examples of setting up payroll.

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thank you i will check it

Use it in one salary component. Each salary component related to one line of salary component in salary slip.

The reason why it is reside in the assignment because base can be used in other salary components, for instance income tax, insurance, etc by making formula based on base

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