Salary structure - earning and deduction as percentage of basic


Can we have the the pay components of the salary structure as a formula. Most allowances are percentages of basic salary.

As of now no.

I hope the time for this idea has come! I mean, I feel sheepish having to ask my clients to calculate the amounts on Excel and then input the value into ERPNext.

Please give the option to set salary structure as percentages (HRA) or as fixed amounts.




Plus an account to drop the deductions will make the job of compliance a lot easier. It would be great if the same approach as Sales/Purchase Taxes and Charges Template could be adopted.

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Hi @JayRam,
Yes this is what I should have mentioned - same approach as Sales/Purchase Taxes and Charges.

this will be great addition for ERPNEXT if it can be added based on percentageā€¦thanks