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Can we edit salary structure after submitting?

The long and short answer is no.

You can edit any submitted document via Cancel > Amend. Once you amend it you can save it again. You can check this video to know more about the same:

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To cancel a salary structure, you have to cancel all associated salary structure assigments. To cancel salary structure assignments, you have to cancel all associated payslips to that salary structure assignment. to cancel payslips, you have to cancel all payroll entries (which could be several months) that generated the payslips (this will also cancel all other payslips attached to other salary structures). To correct your books, you have to fish out and cancel all Journal entries created by the payroll entries for the affected months.

And if you do walk back all these steps, after cancelling and amending the salary structure, you have to create new assignments for all employees whose salary structure assignments were cancelled and generate new payroll entries for ALL employees whose payslips were cancelled by the cancelled payroll entries (which could be several months or years).

So while it is possible to cancel and amend any document in ERPNext, cancelling a Salary Structure, especially if there are salary structure assignments attached to it, is practically not advisable as it requires several walk-back steps and a lot of altered/cancelled records which is often queried by auditors and regulators.

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Thanks for your response. One more query, how do we pay incentive wherein amount varies every month?

Probably a listing of what kind of edit is in question is a good start.

Scenario 1: Editing a formula in the Salary Structure, either because the formula on the Salary Component has changed, or just editing the formula on Salary Structure whether there’re changes on Salary Component or not. I guess this can be done if the formula field on the Salary Structure is set to be updated even after submission. Probably some automation to update a Submitted Salary Structure with latest formula changes on Salary Components would help. Note: Never tested such a scenario.

Second 2: Editing a Salary Structure either to add or remove some Salary Components. This would probably be a bit tricky. It’s not possible at the moment.

That said, there’re some upcoming changes on github on a possibility to define Start and End dates when creating Additional Salary, this feature would introduce some flexibility to payroll management, by allowing definition of some recurring salary components for an employee on Additional Salary instead of on the salary Structure level.

A capability to override Salary Structure definitions at individual Salary Slip level would be better.


What’s the best way of dealing with a business scenario where the organisation has amended their salary structure and this needs to be updated without cancelling all associated documents with existing structure?

Well there’s no way to do that at the moment. A salary structure is not editable without cancelling once submitted and you can’t cancel a salary structure if it is attached to a payroll entry.


Thanks for your reply. My question is how then can I deal with this scenario where the company’s salary structure has changed?

If the old salary structure is changed, you shouldn’t cancel it because it is meant to be part of your transactional history. You can create a new salary structure and new salary structure assignments. When generating Salary Slips, only the most recent active assignment will be used.

Okay, thanks I get it.

I was just wondering how one can make minor change without having to do create new structure and salary assignments.

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me asking same questions !!

Salary structures aren’t meant to be changed after they’ve been submitted. That’s a deliberate design decision. If you really need to change something, you can do it via the console or sql statements, but it will leave you with conflicting data in your system.

The reason I asked this in the first place is if there’s a minor change in the salary structure (maybe formula/% of the calculation) and want to avoid doing a new salary structure and salary structure assignments especially if the organisation has hundreds of employees.
This would seem like a lot of work for a minor change.

Make sure the previous salary structure is inactive.
Then Duplicate the structure, Update the Name, change or add as needed and assign the new structure to the employee with From date as when the structure is applicable.

No need to cancel, just make it inactive, So, when generating the salary slip only the Active structure you just assigned is considered.