Salary Structure error on given formula

In Salary Structure showing message

Payment Days Dependency

Row #2: The House Rent Allowence Component has the options Amount based on formula and Depends On Payment Days enabled.

Disable Depends On Payment Days for the House Rent Allowence component, to prevent the amount from being deducted twice, as its formula already uses a payment-days-based component.**

My added Salary Structure table is here:

On save showing this error.

I found a function named validate_payment_days_based_dependent_component() which is called this condition. If I commented this fucntion, then its working fine.

Is there anyone who found this issue? How to resolve this with proper way? Please suggest

@Cross_X what is the error message ?



@Cross_X you have to remove the Amount bases on formula and then recreate the structure so the new component is fetched again . you can try to remove the component from the table and re-add it .

@bahaou without formula, how can I divide the salary components? These formula’s are coming from Salary Component

@Cross_X you can update the formula or disable them

@bahaou on update or disable or disable Amount based on formula, showing same error.

@Cross_X salary components works fine using formula or without . the error appears only if you have both options checked . verify your steps and your settings.

@bahaou both options means which ones?

Here is my HR settings

@Cross_X I meant settings in each component.
this is an example of component based on formula

this is tested in salary structure and works fine

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@bahaou Got it. Thank you so much.