Salary Structure report to be validated

in our company we have different salary components for each employee,
my first question is do I have to create a salary structure for each one?

the second question is, we have a payroll auditor that must see all the payroll details for all employees in some kind of report in order to confirm it or reject it in case of incorrect values, is the salary structure the right data he must see? and how to send it for approval?


You can check this document. There is a lot of useful info.

Hope this help!

Ohh thank you avc ,I already go through this document ,but this document does not answer my questions,
my company has 1000 employees with different salary ,it is not practical to create 1000 salary structure for all of them


You don’t have to create 1000 different salary structures. You create one salary structure, and then you assign it to 1000 different people. There’s even a button for doing it in bulk, with different base rates for different departments, grades, etc.

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You even can create salary structure assignements just importing Excel file (import/export option) , instead one by one.

Via some customization, also can create a script that made assignement automatically after employee creation, or something like this.

Thank you Peterg for your reply,
if I have the below scenario where should add the amount of each salary component?
employee have:
basic salary = 1000000 &
Phone Allowance =25000 &
House Allowance = 300000

and for another employee:
basic salary = 1100000 &
Bonus = 400000

sorry for bothering but I cam from different system background and this is new to me

Thank you avc,
I hope I can reach this level ,but for now I am still with the basics :smiling_face_with_tear:

Did you read the link avc provided? It explains how salary structure assignments work.

Yes I did @peterg , my question is the salary structure assignment has only two places to add the values into it (base and just one variable)

for the examples I mentioned, the employee have more than one variable (ex: Phone allowance and/or house allowance, in that case how am I going to split them in this variable field

I don’t know if I am making my self clear,
Appreciate it,

If some people have housing allowances and phone allowances, but other people don’t, those will have to be different salary structures. The assignments allow only one variable.

this is what I couldn’t understand … thank you for @peterg

I found something called “Employee Benefit Claim” I will go through its documentation I think that will help solve the multiple variables problem.