Salary Structure Rounding

Hello everyone,

I am a UK user and am currently doing some testing of ERPNext.

I am looking at the HR and payroll section at the moment. I am progressing well, but have what is probably a simple question.

In Payroll → Salary Structure, I am adding a new record, and want to create a formula. Within that formula, I want to round down a particular part of the calculation.

My calculation ideally needs to look something like this:

ROUND(1500 - 12572 * (1/12)) * 0.2

Can someone let me know how you round values down in the formula field please?

Many thanks.

Best Regards


Hi all,

Managed to sort it using the int() function.

Best Regards


can you please explain how your round value with int … i need to round to nearest 0.5 in salary component.