Sale Return accounting issue

Good afternoon all,
It seems like I am missing something on goods return…
Here is a concrete example:
I make a POS invoice: Gran Total is 43,800. Amount paid is 43,800. So customer pays cash here, hence the POS
See picture with arrow.

A day later, customer bring back one of the product he bought, he doesn’t want it.
So I do a “Return” on one of the products. Let’s say he bought 500 Kg of meat A and 300 Kg of meat B, and now brings back 100 KG of meat A.
So I do a return from the original invoice. I check the “Return” box,

and I have to pay back the customer the amount he previously paid for that return, in this case it is 140.
Now how does that works? (me given back 140 to the customer)
This has created a 140 zk as a receivable.

SO how do I settle this? Don’t we have an accounting issue here? Looking at ledgers it seems like everything is in order. But then why that receivable amount to that customer? And how to settle it, what ERPNext tool should I use?
Could anyone explain if I am missing something or if this is a system issue.

Thanks in advance for assistance.

Seems like something strange, I also want to know the reason behind this.

Ruchin Sharma

You have to make a new JV to write-off the Sales Invoice. Or cancel it.

Thanks Rubash,
Fine but isn’t the point of a return to do that same thing?
Then the JV should be between which and which account. As seen above, the customer account has already been credited.
Also in this return transaction, the refund sale is the same of the COGS. That shouldn’t be the case. COGS should be same a stock inventory. Sale should offset debtor.

Hi Any Idea how to fix this. Thanks