Sales Achieved and Target in Frappe Insights

Hi folks,

I am working with Frappe Insights to create a dashboard for Sales Person in which they can see their Target Monthly/Quarterly/Half-year/Yearly Distribution based on Created Lead/Sales Order/Sales Invoice and track their the process based on set target.

I check the Sale Person Doctype but it only track the quantity and amount of Items. Even though, I am not sure how to get the Achieved column (as in Sales Person Target Variance Based On Item Group) into Insights. The result I am getting of Total Qty shows for every month.

For example:

  1. I created Sale A and set the target as well as Monthly Distribution:

  2. Create a sale order with quantity of an item as 6 and attach Sale A to the document

  1. On the report Sales Person Target Variance Based On Item Group, it shows Total Target as 7 for May which is correct based on Monthly Distribution and Achieved is 6 for Sale A

  2. I set up a query in Frappe Insight to show a table including Total Qty and Target but it is showing for every month.

Does anyone know how I can track a Sale Person created Lead/Sale Order/Sale Invoice (quantity as well as amount for Sale Order/Invoice) based on a pre-set target? Any help is much appreciated.