Sales Analytics under-reports sum of Valid, not cancelled Sales Invoices

For one month in the Sales Analytics report, it shows 43,116 in total sales per invoice.
When I create a Sales Invoice report, filtered by date: >= “03-01-2016” and <= “03-31-2016” with Status != “Cancelled”, then export it, and manually sum the net total, it comes to 43,529.

I checked manually the exported file (From the Sales Invoice Report) to try to find the Invoices to account for the difference, but so far no luck. The conclusion is that the Sales Analytics report is not pulling two or more Invoice totals for calculation, and thus the Sales Analytics is under reporting something.

Is there a specific category of invoices, according per their status, (obviously cancelled or draft Invoices are not accounted for) or something else that could cause the invoice not to show in the Sales Analytics report? Or could it be something happening at a programmatic level?


Checked in the test account and it seems to be giving correct data. Can you please share a screenshot of the report with errors highlighted.