Sales charges in sales order

Hi everyone, Please how can i set sales charge that other than tax on sales order, and how can i configure the print format to display the breakdown of all the sales charges

I will appreciate contribution by all especially @nabinhait

Has a Sales and Charges Template been created with the relevant sales charges? Is it that sales charges are to be listed on the Sales Order separately from taxes? What type of charges might they be and how would they be applied? If we may know a bit more details of the nature of the business case it may help.

Actually Smino, the business is a manufacturing business but the manufacturing module is yet to be implemented. for now we are focusing on selling, buying, account and stock modules.
The sales taxes are to be separated from the sales charges. the sales charges includes:

  • installation charge
  • service charge and so on
    The client wants all these charges to be separately listed out in the sales order as well as the sales order print format.
    I will be grateful if you help me look into this

Could the installation and service charges be constructed as Items , maybe with an Item Group for each? Or Items with each having a variant if there are more than one of each? Then simply add them to the Sales Order?

No, Smino, creating those charges as items will make VAT to be added to them and the client will go through undue stress to remove the tax from the item. I am looking for a very simple solution where the client will add service charge, installation charge and so on and its going to reflect under tax and charge breakdown in the sales order

An item can be marked nil rated or exempt, non GST - will that work?

I think you will be in legal troubles if you charge fir service and not charge applicable tax. Else make an item and keep it zero rated if tax is not applicable.