Sales Funnel not showing updated Opportunities

I have converted a few leads into opportunities but it is not represented in the sales funnel.
After refreshing several times, opportunities still show 0 in the sales funnel.
What am I doing wrong?
Status is open and I also added items.

Many thanks for your help.


After converting Lead to Opportunity Save the Doc.
Then reload the Opportunity Doc you will found converted Opportunities.

And for creating Sales Order you have to convert Lead to Customer.

Hi @Sabine
Actually, i am also facing same issue.
Opportunity showing zero on report.

That is clear, that is working ok, but the report “sales funnel” in the module “selling” is not working.

There is issue in Sales funnel report. Opportunity is always in Draft state

we will send Pull Request to fix issue.

Sangram Patil
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd

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