Sales Invoice 29-1819-00206: Account Sales - CCIPL cannot be a Group

Hi Team,

While submitting the invoices i am getting this message "Sales Invoice 29-1819-00206: Account Sales - CCIPL cannot be a Group"
This problem is happening with only few invoices. Other invoices i am able to submit without any problem.
Checked all possibility to rectify but not able to resolve.

Please help!!

Check this particular account in your chart of Accounts and see if it has any child accounts listed with Sales - CCIPL as root or not. If not then use button Group to Non Group and it should be done. This error comes from a validation in GL Entry that checks if the account is a group or not and throws error if it is one.


Thanks for your reply.

But i am not able to find this option for this particular account.
Could you tell from where i can do ?

Go to Chart of Accounts. Select the correct company (in case if multiple companies).

Click on expand all. Button on the bar below view button.

Find this Sales - CCIPL account and click on it. Option of Edit will be shown. Again click.

The Sales - CCIPL account will open. On Right side, beneath the Save button you will be able to find this button. Click on it and it should be done.


I did as per your mail but now i am getting this message “Account with child nodes cannot be converted to ledger”

This was exactly I was fearing. I think if you know and you set the correct account there, which is a child of Sales - CCIPL you should be able to submit this invoice. Just find the correct account

Do you know, why this is happening with only few invoices and rest are absolutely fine.

Attached images for your reference.

Now the solution to your problem depends on how many child accounts Sales - CCIPL has:-

Case 1 : Single child account

Replace Sales - CCIPL by Item Sales - CCIPL as the default account of your company (you will find these in the Company you defined), and your work is done. Everytime you make a new invoice, Item Sales will be chosen as now it is the default income account

Case 2 : Multiple child accounts

Here we are looking at writing a custom script which will have to set accounts depending on whether an item or service is being billed for. If it is a item then it sets Item Sales, else if it is a service then select another. OR you will have to manually select the account.

Sales Invoice on submit event, creates the relevant accounting ledger entries. Now this Account head - Sales - CCIPL in your case is mentioned in Sales Invoice because it is your company’s Default Income Account. If you check your Company in Company List, you will find all default accounts mentioned and you will also find this:


Now this is interesting. Can you check what accounts were mentioned ? To check, Open that Sales Invoice and expand those item rows in the table (Sales Invoice Item), under accounting details you will find the account like this:

GL Entry code that I’ve had a look (not thoroughly cause I followed the error message in your post) - does not allow entries against group nodes.


Thanks for your detailed message.
I have rectified the problem now.

Actually my company Income Account is Item Sales- CCIPL but for this particular invoice it was set as Sales - CCIPL now i have changed to Item Sales- CCIPL and it is working fine.

Thanks again!!

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