Sales invoice against (Delivery note + Return)


I have the following scenario and I would like to have your suggestions on how to solve it:

  • We issue a delivery note for the following items:
    Item# A Qty 5
    Item# B Qty 7

*Then customer returned Item#A Qty 5 and we prepared a return against above delivery.

Now we want to invoice him the net by retrieving the original Delivery note+Return. The following issues we have to apply this scenario:

  1. System is not accepting to invoice negative Qty where is suppose to credit back the accounts.
  2. Delivery note status is not affected if we deleted the return item# A.

Are we doing the things right or what is the perfect method to apply such process? Customer account has to be affected either by net only or by credit note, at the same time, the delivery note status has to be shown billed in order to distinguish between billed and unbilled delivery noteā€¦


Not quite sure if you are doing it right, but this documentation explains the sales return process pretty neatly.