Sales invoice and Accounting Details

Dears -:

The common workflow for the sales invoice and the transaction against their account is act as ,
my company default currency is US Dollar and the customer currency is US as well
but some time that customer using EUR currency

so the problem that i faced is the [deptors account]

sales account (US)------------------ deptors account (US )---------------- cash (US)

The process work great ,

sales account (EUR) ---------------- deptors (ERU) ----------- the system stop me telling me that the customer is US

how to solve that problem .

i need to have multiple deptors account for different currency .

because lets consider that a customer pay 40 EUR advanced from a sales invoice = 100 EUR

so the debitor EURo = 60

so its important for me to see the deptors account in multicurrency

thanks a lot for your help .

with same style i need a creditor with different currency .

creditor (us)
creditor (EUR)

Have you seen this?

thanks a lot dear for your guide