Sales Invoice and Sales Order Posting Date Issues

Hello Guys,

When I change the default value of Posting date during creation of SALES ORDER or SALES INVOICE, the LUOM Liter is not working ie I change UOM from Gallon to Liter.

Here is my Configurations:

UOM Conversion Factor = 1 Gallon = 1000 Liter

Item Properties:
UOM = Gallon, Conversion Factor = 1
UOM = Liter, Conversion Factor = .001

Item Price

Step to Replicate issue:

  1. Create Sales Invoice
    2 Select Item Name by default Item is in Gallon (1,650) Price is Correct
  2. I change Gallon to Liter and I got (450) Price is Correct
  3. Edit Date posting 4 days backward and the Rate become (1.65)

Posting Date - Jan 20 - Rate = 450/Liter - True
Posting Date - Jan 19 - Rate = 450/Liter - True
Posting Date - Jan 18 - Rate = 450/Liter - True
Posting Date - Jan 17 - Rate = 450/Liter - True
Posting Date - Jan 16 - Rate = 1.65/Liter - False

Is this a bug or configuration only?
anyone can take a look at this, thank you in advance to your help

Could not replicate this on v13. Which version are you using? Also, check the “Valid From” date in the item price master. Maybe that is causing an issue.

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I am using ERPNext v12.16.2

Thank you so much, I resolve the issue make empty the “Valid From”