Sales Invoice asking for Project ID (Incorrect value: Project must be =) even though it is entered

When I am creating a sales invoice, it giving me an error “Incorrect value: Project must be =”.
A project value is already selected.
It was not there before I updated but started after the update.

Current version:
erpnext 8.0.50
frappe 8.0.69

it seems to me that it’s a bug.
Attached is the screenshot.

This seems to be working fine in the test account. Please try reloading the instance and clearing the cache by Ctrl+Shift+R.

Tried it, it’s still giving me the same error.

I have the same issue too.

I have multiple projects with multiple sales orders and want to issue one invoice for all sales orders for one customer and always says: “Incorrect value: Project must be =”
Tried with Safari and Firefox.