Sales Invoice based on Delivery Notes or Sales Order to same Customer

Hi all,
We have this option and it works fine but today i came with a request by a customer to have differently…

When getting all DN or SO sames customer instead of adding the same item multiple times it should sum-up all quantities this way e.g

  1. Yogurt Pineapple X 2 (DN 1)
  2. Yogurt Strawberry x 10 (DN 2)
  3. Yogurt Pineapple x 10 (DN 2)
    This number 3 should be a SUM of number 1 should be like
  4. Yogurt Pineapple X 2 x 10 (DN 1+ DN2)

Or a separate table that does this and the user is able to select what to Print and give to his customer…

As we have the Customers PO that will be filled no need to separate the items …

Just a thought or idea of a Customer.



You need to write custom script. And you can decide if this custom script to be executed by button or when new DN or SO is created or when they are saved.


I know. Was just an idea to have it added on later version and selected or enabled by customer.

Just for info on my case this customer is doing his monthly SI per customer and for each they have more than 80 DN… Now imagine how big the SI will be if no group by our sum per item available.
Also in the future the customers PO should be text (more than 140 chars) to keep all DNs produced.

Don’t know if anyone had this before … but for this case the customer makes per month for a single client of him 150 items (SO and DN).

Takes time to load … mostly times out.

Reason why a SUM of the sames items should be a thinkable solution.