Sales Invoice booking write-off for no reason and not booking change amount

ERPNext Version 13.19
Frappe Framework v13.19

When creating a sales invoice with the include payment option the system after saving will force a write off amount even though there is nothing to write off below is an example

  1. I have an invoice with the following grand total and outstanding amount

  2. Then I enter a payment more than the outstanding amount see below

  1. Then after I hit save erpnext then suddenly books a write off amount like below and it also changes the change amount

  1. Then the next big problem is after submitting it. NO CHANGE AMOUNT IS BOOKED


This is causing us a lot of grief with our accounting so im wondering if anyone is encountering the same problem.


Have you tried using “Disable Rounded Total” ?? Write off in most cases happen when you are rounding off

We faced same issue on V12. Fix is go to POS profile and set only 1 default mode of payment. Let the user manually change the mode on sales invoice.

When we had multiple mode of payments set in POS profile and when user made some changes to the payment in sales invoice then system randomly used to pass a write off entry. It used to be 100X of the sales value.

We tried to find the reason but there were no clues anywhere. We only found after observing user while they were passing a sales invoice.

Didn’t fix it for me. But also the change is still not being booked properly. Are your guy’s pos invoice booking the change amount properly?

Oh. Actually found what is up with the change amount not being booked. There is a setting in account settings that is unchecked


The write-off entry is still a problem though. I’m trying to hunt it down

The system actually has a functionality to book the rounding difference so writing it off it is unnecessary but it seems like the logic doesn’t seem to consider this, so definitely is a bug.