Sales invoice cannot update or delete or cancel

slaes invoice appears “Update”, but when click “update”, it shows error
Not allowed to change Credit Days after submission

Value cannot be reset in the standard field. What is the value exactly you are trying to update in the submitted Sales Invoice?

Hi @umair

I have the same issue.

The cancel option on sales invoice is no longer available, it is replaced by update and when i click on update I get a message that am not allowed to change payment schedule after submission as seen below

What do you think could be wrong?

@tundebabzy since payment terms is your baby (lol) wanna give me an idea of whats up?

Warm regards

I had the same issue too a couple of times, have you been able to solve it?

I thought it might be caused for having the document status on “Overdue” but I wasnt able to fix it making a payment.

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i am also facing similar issue. I am not trying to change anything. Whenever i am selecting/viewing any sales invoice, the update button is replaced by cancel button, even though i have not edited anything. This comes for all submitted sales invoice as well. Also I noted that this is happening only for my login. All other logins have the cancel button there.

did you solve this issue?

Unfortunately, no. I ended up modifying my database