Sales Invoice Custom Naming Series

Hi, I seem to have problems customizing my naming series for different documents. I am using the naming series option under setup to create a custom name but when I test it out it keeps returning to the default name.

For example The Sales invoice always go back to default “SINV-”
I changed the series to INV-.YYYY/.###
I have tried various changes and nothing seems to work.

When I look at the custom document setup for the sales order, my changes show in the series selection field, yet does not show up when I am actually trying to create an invoice.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Give separator dot (.)

Thanks for the reply… typing error from my side. That is how I have it in the system. But still only get the default series when I try creating an invoice

Put the series you made in the top position and press update, it should be running

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I think you notyet “Reload”

Thanks. I added it in. I originally deleted the default series.
It did not work right after the update, but I logged out and back in and then it worked.

Is it possible to add branch name in the naming series as shown in the image?


You can add field in naming seri: .field_name.

field_name is your brand name


Thank you. @vinhnguyent090