Sales invoice customer field

im trying to create Sales invoice and when i select the customer its okay but that customer disappears when i save the sales invoice. the customer field shows me a drop down of the customers that i created but when i try to save the sales invoice the customer entered in the customer field just disappears

Hi @ranganai,
Can you post a gif of what you’re trying to do and failing to do so?

The customer field i have selected customer which is holiday inn. the when i save the invoice the text in the customer field which is holiday inn is removed and the sales invoice is saved without the customer name.

the holiday inn text in the customer field disappear when u click save

Have you added any custom script or made changes to the core files?

i was customizing the sales invoice master fields the Vat field and the customer name field. then now im having the problem but i tried to reset to defauts in the master form its not working. im new to erp next. is there a way to reconfigure all the settings to default