Sales Invoice Customer Ledger Balance

We can make sales invoices against the customer, but payment entry has been done against customer without getting of outstanding invoices. In this case customer ledger was balanced, but sales invoice showing “Unpaid” or “Overdue”. Is there any possible to do sales invoice become “Paid”?

@Praveenkumar even if you do so you won’t be able to track the payments, so just cancel it and recreate the payment.

@bahaou actually we get some amount from customer without against of invoices, because if they are regular customers means , they can give some advances early then they can get items from us

@Praveenkumar if you get paid first you have to mention it in the invoice as advanced payments . so no matter which one came first, you have to mention it in the second.

Sorry @bahaou this is also not possible from our side, we make payment entries against only customers. is there any other possibles to make this?

@Praveenkumar yes there is a way . open page ‘payment reconciliation’. select the customer and fetch the data . then select the payment and the invoice and click reconcile . the invoice will get linked to the payment and then change status to paid